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About us

Organism is an organic body, complex of physical and psychical human capabilities. It is a system whereas each organ has its own role and meaning, mechanism which originally has already developed activity, liability to constant motion. 


This all is about “ARMENIA” RMC, the whole organism which has its breath, spirit expressed by attention and readiness of doctors. At the result of right activity this organism creates healthy and perfect cooperation and the professionalism of doctors of course has important meaning



Each organism is strong and healthy enough depending on changes in it. Realizing the role and meaning of diagnostics we have also mention the fact that the diagnostic center is supplied with innovative equipment and best specialists.


The diagnostic center has been recently been equipped with Aquilion one Toshiba tomographic scanner which is singular in Armenia. The scanner makes 640 layers and works in conditions of minimum beaming. Apparatus Aplio 500 with possibility to make 4D examinations is used here.


The diagnostic center has laboratory equipped with  modern apparatus Roche-Cobas C311, E411,Sysmex XS X500 which allows to reveal factors of genesis of many pathogenic diseases  and therefore to change treatment process. Cobas C311 is situated in biochemical laboratory and do 300 examinations during one hour.



It is necessary to mention that 73% of tests is possible to realize if available 5 or less μ of serosity and this widely used especially in pediatrics. The apparatus permits to do more than 200 tests sparing 7-15 minutes per test.


Cobas E411 is situated in immunology  laboratory, it lets to do 85 examinations per hour providing high speed in 9-18 minutes.


All these apparatus have internal system of quality control. By virtue of equipments acting automatically and professional specialists the safeness is provided and let to do maximum exact solitary examinations. The center is the only one whereas diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic interferences. Here we have to mention endoscopic apparatus Olympus CV 150 supplied with video system with the help of which   the researches have been made and the first one has been spent in our center  and are still spending, researches such as treatment of varicose veins of esophagus and stomach  by ligation procedure, stenting  of pancreatic canal, balloon dilation.


“ARMENIA” RMC has already supplied with angiography apparatus Artis Zee, the unique in Armenia. Technical potentialities of apparatus make possible to execute not only the  angiography of coronary arteries but also balloon dilation, stenting angioplasty, endovenous analysis  of heart cavity,  angiography of aorta and its branches, arteria carotis, upper and lower members, balloon angioplasty, stenting. There is a narrow collaboration between interventional cardiologist and vascular surgeon.


Here are executed complex endovascular interferences into coronary arteries and peripheral arteries as well as Cava Filter implantation. It is settled  in the veins of lower members for preventing tromboembolic complexity of  pulmonic arterias.



General surgery of “ARMENIA” RMC has succeed in Armenia and is the leader in the field of laparoscopic treatment of laparocele and bubonocele.


Today only our center executed laparoscopic procedures of bubonocele through TEP French Swing-Contact nets which is considered to be the of safest methods.


Only our center realizes 24 hours pH-monitoring of esophagus and stomach, esophagus impedancemetry which are necessary and indispensable in laparocele, gastroesophageal reflux disease treatment and research.



“ARMENIA” RMC the whole organism working with its all systems.