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Department of Anesthesiology



The department of anesthesiology of “Armenia” Republican Medical Center was founded in 1972. It has been one of the first such departments in the republic, headed by Yakov Soghomon Zaltsman who later replaced by George Hovhannes Angelov.

The department of anesthesiology cooperates with the departments of surgery: general and vascular, urology, traumatology, neurosurgery, maxillofacial and ENT diseases. Each of these departments has 1-2 anesthesiologist-resuscitators.

In our clinic we use all kinds of medicines available in Armenia. Today the department is technically equipped which provides a high-level security (there are 15 anesthesiology systems and multifunctional monitors). Approximately 3000 anesthesia is done every year in this department.

It’s the duty of the anesthesiologist to provide both the surgeon and the patient with convenience, and to maintain patient’s safety during a surgical intervention. In a stationery admission the patient is being examined, and in case of detecting a related pathology it is being eliminated as much as possible before a surgical intervention. A respective explanatory work is being conducted with the patient and his relatives, an agreement on possible surgical difficulties is being signed which is also a legal document. In case of urgent surgeries a short anamnesis is being collected.