«Armenia» Medical Center
Reference: +374 10 318 190
Reception: 81 03, 88 44

Department of Physiotherapy

Արմենիա ԲԿ․ Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք

Rehabilitation medical centers can be of different quality: good, bad and satisfactory. The Rehabilitation Center of “Armenia” RMC is unique in all its forms: it is equipped with modern technical base, highly skilled staff of professionals, provides reasonable prices and an individual approach to each of the patients. Based on the best traditions of the Soviet school of health, our professionals also use all modern methods thus achieving the best results. This is not an advertising, this a truth approved by time. As known, the truth never needs any advertising. Nowadays, it’s easy to be caught up in the ocean of medical centers advertisements. You should only remember that the best and the necessary one never needs to be advertised.


«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք   «Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք


“Armenia” RMC has a professional experience of more than 5 decades. Advertisement is necessary for those things and phenomena which appeared yesterday. We only want to remind that our compatriots are in trustable and safe hands due to our professionals. Advertising is necessary for those centers being one-day flowers. But “Armenia” RMC is a multifunctional institution, a huge dense and strong tree one of the branches of which is the Rehabilitation Center. It’s almost impossible to restore or recover something, especially the health lost.


«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք   «Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք


The Rehabilitation Center of “Armenia” RMC has been and still is turning this impossible into possible. This is a center which has its own place among thousands of medical centers. This is a Center where they understand and meet your needs, where they really help you. This Center being a little part of a big multifunctional intstitution, realizes all the issues with honor. Due to its multi-functionality, you can solve all your problems with a single visit thus saving your time and nerves.


Like a national army which is the guarantee of a nation’s security, “Armenia” RMC is to be the first-line soldier of the national health for which all necessary conditions are available: strong technical base, a team of highly qualified professionals and reasonable prices.


The treatment starts with PREVENTION – DIAGNOSIS – REHABILITATION – STRENGTHENING sequence and all this is just in one and the same place.


«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ֆիզիոթերապիայի բաժանմունք