«Armenia» Medical Center
Reference: +374 10 318 190
Reception: 81 03, 88 44

Rheumatology consulting room

Rheumatological service has been established in Medical Center Armenia as a part of the department of Diagnostic.

We are primarily providing care of patients with


  1. Inflammatory diseases of joint /arthritis, spondyloarthritis/
  2. Degenerative diseases /osteoarthritis, osteoporosis/
  3. Systemic diseases of connective tissue /SLE,Sistemic scleroderma, dermatomyositis/
  4. Sistemic vasculitis.

Medical Center Armenia equipped up to date technology and metods of diagnosing such as ultrasound and X-Ray examinations for joint, CT-scan, variety of biochemical and immunological test also available so that the appropriate treatmant and diagnosis are guarantied.