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Neuro-ophthalmologic Cabinet


Armenia MC, Neuro-ophthalmologic CabinetThe neuro-ophthalmologic service of “Armenia” MC deals with the diagnosis of eye and diseases of nervous system. This service is implemented in combination of neurosurgical and ophthalmological symptoms, and it is not considered an ophthalmological service. It is closer to diagnosis and treatment of neurological and neurosurgical diseases. Researches are carried out for increased intracranial pressure, visual impairment which have direct connection not only with the eyes but also with the visual pathways in the brain. Within the neurosurgical service, diseases such as diabetes mellitus, pulmonary hypertension, and thyroid disorders are being diagnosed. Diagnosis is performed in case of strong headaches and dizziness complaints, as well. At first, the eye is being diagnosed, after which it becomes clear whether the patient has problems with eyesight or head. The fovea is examined by an ophthalmoscope without enlarging eye pupils. This helps to find out the condition of the brain vessels. By the way, visual nerve is the only visible nerve. Examination at the neuro-ophthalmologic cabinet has no age limitation, however mostly apply patients at the age of 18 and older.