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Hemodialysis Department

Armenia Medical Center: Hemodialysis Department


The clinical application of dialysis has started in the 1950s of the 20th century and in Armenia in the 1970s.

The Hemodialysis Department of Armenia RMC was formed in 1988 after the disastrous earthquake with the support of “Doctors without borders” organization of Holland and Belgium. The Department is equipped with Fresenius modern devices, which are products of Germany:


  • Armenia Medical Center: Hemodialysis DepartmentAqua B water treatment system which can be applied for simultaneously up to 20 artificial kidney devices
  • Artificial kidney, Fresenius 4008 devices

State-of-the-art devices allow carrying out hemodialysis treatment according to international standards. Based on the best practice, each patient is given an individual program of hemodialysis, which significantly increases the quality and duration of the patient’s life.

The Center employs experienced specialists. They periodically participate in training courses and attend international conferences.

The endpoint of all chronic renal diseases is renal failure during which it becomes necessary to prolong the patient’s life through hemodialysis. Starting hemodialysis treatment on right time dramatically reduces patient mortality and maintains their life quality.

During planned dialysis treatment safe and small operation is performed on arm called an arteriovenous fistula which makes one of the veins larger. The operation is performed by micro surgeons or a vascular surgeons.  One or two months after the surgery hemodialysis treatment begins. The patient visits hospital on agreed time and he is connected to dialysis machine through his vein. Then an intervention phase begins. During the whole process he stays under the supervision of the department's personnel.

It is preferable to get vaccination against hepatitis B before starting the hemodialysis treatment. Intervention is directly related with blood, and it is necessary to prevent any possible diseases transmitted through blood. It is carried out free of charge. It is important for patient to be psychologically prepared for hemodialysis treatment.


Armenia Medical Center: Hemodialysis Department


The diet of the patients receiving hemodialysis treatment is much wider than the diet of the same patients before starting the treatment. Low protein diet prescribed by nephrologist is more limited than the diet for patients who receive hemodialysis treatment. When disease evolves and dialysis treatment becomes unavoidable, then you need to psychologically get through it. You need to visit the department and get appropriate consultation. Receiving hemodialysis treatment on time allows preserving residual renal function and sharply reduces the possibility of the worst complications.

The Department carries out another method of extracorporeal detoxification, i.e. Plasmapheresis procedure, the application of which is not new in medicine and for decades it proves to be safe and effective. It is applied in many fields of medicine, such as Gynecology,Pulmonology, Endocrinology, etc.
From 2004 until now the Department is headed by Rafayel F. Baghdasaryan, specialist of hemodialysis.