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Department of Psychosomatics

Armenia Medical Center: Department of Psychosomatics


The Department of Psychosomatics of Armenia RMC was established in 1988 and so far it is the only one in Armenia. The Department is designed for patients suffering from neurosis and with mental disorders.

Bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer disease, arterial hypertension and heart attack are considered to be psychosomatic illnesses as in all those cases there is a factor of psychological problem. The human character and work environment also play a great role. For example, according to statistics, men have a greater risk of heart attack than women. The contributing factor is the spirit of competition which is specific to their sex. On the other hand, women are more likely to have arterial hypertension due to the lack of psychological adaptation. It is also important to highlight that anxiety and diabetes are greatly interrelated.

Armenia Medical Center: Department of PsychosomaticsThe likelihood of psychosomatic illnesses is more likely among people who are engaged in intense mental work. Psychosomatic illnesses most commonly appear in people aged more than thirty.

Psychology has certainly a great impact on human health. The treatment of that is psychotherapy. If a person's health has worsened a little or there is a conflict at home or at work and he feels uncomfortable because of that, surely he will have a desire to share his thoughts. In such cases, he may refer to a psychologist or psychotherapist, who will help him to reach mental balance through psychological adjustment.

Currently, the growth of patients suffering from depression is related with social-psychological situation.

If there are expressed complaints, then there is a need to consult a doctor in time.  As a protective measure, there are psychological defense mechanisms: i.e. a person must set simple, solvable problems, such as 'what do I want?'; 'how to achieve'? Failing to reach a goal is also possible, thus the person has to be able to give up in time and get adapted to it. In this case we talk about psychological adaptation.

The Department of Psychosomatics is equipped with all necessary facilities. Here, the students of medical educational institutions take a course of psychiatry.

The Department employs highly qualified specialists.
The Department of Psychosomatics is headed by psychiatrist Gayane A. Margaryan, since the day of its establishment.
Armenia Medical Center: Department of Psychosomatics