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«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Բրոնխոսկոպիա


A bronchoscopy is a test allowing to examine your airways.A doctor will thread will thread an  intrument called a bronchoscope through patient's nose and down your throat to reach your lungs.The bronchoscope is made of a flexible fiber-optic material and has a light source and a viewing device or camera on the end.Most bronchoscopes are compatible with color video ,wich helps doctor document their findings.

 Using the bronchoscope,your doctor can view all of the structures that make up your respiratory system including your larynx,trachea,and the smaller airways of your lungs,wich include the bronchi and bronchioles.

A bronchoscopy can be used to diagnose:


  • a lung gisease
  • a tumor
  • a chronic cough
  • an infection

A bronchoscopy may be orderd  if a patient have an abnormal chest X-ray or CT  scan that shows evidence of an infection ,a tumor,or a collapsed lung.

The test is also sometimes used as a treatment tool.For example,a bronchoscopy can allow your doctor to deliver medication to yur lungs or remove an object that's caught in your airways,like a piece of food.

A local anesthetic spray is applied ti your nose and throat during a bronchoscopy.

You'll probably get a sedative to help you relax.


«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Բրոնխոսկոպիա   «Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Բրոնխոսկոպիա

A patient should avoid eating or drinking anything for six to 12 hours before the bronchoscopy.Cleaning your airways makes examination easier and gives your doctor samples of your lung cells and secretions.Brushes or needles may be attached to the bronchoscope to collect tissue samples from patient's lungs.These  samples can help a doctor diagnose any lung conditions patient may have.

A bronchoscopy is relatively quick, lasting about 30 minutes.