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Ultrasound Examination

Armenia Medical Center: Ultrasound ExaminationThere are three ultrasound research rooms in Armenia AMC, where doctor sonographits who have long years experience work.


Ultrasound is used to examine abdomen organs: liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, women organs, prostate, free abdomen and Tasmanian liquids. Surface organs are olso examines: parathyroid, breast, lymph nodes, testiculars, soft tissues. With thwe help of machine sometimes doctor-sonographists take part in operations discovering hardly visible centers such as echinococcus and abscess.

There 9is also allday duty at the hospital which is performed by doctors on duty of the reception We have also a doctress who serves sick patients lying in departments.


There are overall 10 doctor-sonographits who are managed by sonography department chief A.N. Sarkhoshyan.


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