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Clinic of Urology

 Ուրոլոգիական կլինիկա


The clinic was founded in 1971 and up to present day remains base of Yerevan State Medical University, where educational process of several generations and clinical ordinators have passed.

Today with the deep knowledge and skills, well – known specialists in Armenia and abroad are appointed heads of biggest urological clinics.

From the first date of foundation clinic was headed by associate professor A.A. Midoyan, who was a very famous specialist especially in the Soviet Union. From 1991 to 2003 the clinic was headed the associate professor Yu. G. Zohrabyan. Under his direction 8 postgraduate students defended their candidate's dissertations. From 2003 to 2008 the head of newly formed urological department was appointed a young but rather experienced professor A.A. Muradyan. Under his guidance, the clinic was completely renovated and equipped with the most modern medical equipment. We began conducting unique operations in the fields of oncourology and andrology.

Since 2004, on the initiative of the clinic of urology and with the support of the administration of the RMC "Armenia" charity event “Men’s Health” held annually.


Ուրոլոգիական կլինիկա Ուրոլոգիական կլինիկա

In 2005, by decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia the clinic of urology RMC "Armenia" was awarded the title of academic.

Proof of the above-mentioned fact was the recognition of the YSMU Department of Urology as the best department in 2005, where during 6 years received postgraduate education and graduated with excellence more than 30 young specialists. Some of them keep teaching at the Department of Urology.


Since 2008 to 2017 the clinic is led by the associate professor A.Yu.Bablumyan. Since 2017 the clinic was lead by the associate professor PhD. A.Yu.Zohrabyan. Thanks to the brilliant organizational skills of the head of the clinic of urology, the clinic stuff began actively develop already gained achievements and purposefully conquer new heights.

In 2009 there was organized society “Men’s Health” and was held the first “Armenian-Russian” international conference.


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Since 2010 the majority of the specialists of the clinic are active members of Armenian Association of Telemedicine, which has no analogues in the regionDue to direct efforts of the guide of RMC “Armenia”, the clinic of urology was fully equipped with the advanced medical equipment from the best manufacturers: 4th generation extracorporeal lithotripsy device of SIEMENS and endourological equipment of the companies STORZ and WOLF. Thanks to this acquisition, the work of the clinic was pushed to entirely new level and provided the clinic an opportunity to perform in full compliance with international standards.


Leading specialists of clinic periodically pass qualifications at annual meetings and seminars of European Urological Association, which stimulate raising professional approach to clinic operation a level higher.


All this is performed to guarantee a high level medical service delivery and health maintenance.


Ուրոլոգիական կլինիկա


Owing to highly professional specialists of clinic it becomes possible to treat a series of diseases, as malignant and non-malignant neoplasms of urinary tract, traumas, congenital and acquired diseases, non specific inflammatory diseases, urolithiasis diseases, erectile dysfunction, infertility, urinary incontinence of women etc. There are performed unique operations in occasion of obstructive infertility.
The clinic is in active cooperation with leading urological departments and medical institutions of RA.

The majority of the specialists of the clinic are members of “Armenian Urological Association”, “European Urological Association” and Russian urological corporation. 



Head of the clinic: Armen Martirosyan

+374 10 31 81 44
Address: 6 Margaryan, 0078, Yerevan, Armenia