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Department of Neurology

Armenia Medical Center: Department of Neurology



Neurology department of Armenian Republican Medical center has started its work since 1970, from the first day the hospital was founded.

From that period of time, in department were working professors: G. I. Mirzoyan, S. G. Zohrabyan, H. T. Muradyan, E. M. Gevorgyan, Docents H. V. Stepanyan, G. K. Dzamkochyan.

The head of neurology department from 1970-1982 was Dr. V. Dz. Ohanyan.

1982-2013 Dr. V. H. Petrosyan, MD, PhD, who saving the previous politics and traditions of the department, improved and developed a high professional collective of neurologists who were faithful to the oath of a Hippocrates to serve people.

During this period of time the department was base for “Hay Busak” institute, teaching and developing a new generation of doctors.
From 2013 till now the head of department is E. A. Harutyunyan, who also continues traditions of the department and simultaneously innovate keeping up with standard of contemporary medicine.

Nowadays in Neurology department there are 60 beds. There are working 8 neurologists, 7 nurses and 5 junior nurses (hospital cleaners). 22 wards with 2, 3 beds in each and 7 luxe rooms are now in a use. Each year 1800 patients and 700 conscripts are investigated and treated in our department. Department did a great job during earthquake in 1988, giving medical support to people who were in a line. Department has also its participation during the Kharabax war, helping soldiers, and their family members.


Armenia Medical Center: Department of Neurology Armenia Medical Center: Department of Neurology

The list of neurology disorders is huge.


  1. Vascular disorders` cerebral and spinal stroke, transit ischemic attack
  2. Inflammatory disorders of CNS and spine` meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis
  3. Peripheral nervous system disorders` radiculopathies, osteochondrosis, neuropathies
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Headaches` primary and secondary 
  6. Demyelinating diseases` multiply sclerosis
  7. Degenerative diseases` Parkinsonism, Alzheimer disease
  8. Parasitic disorders of CNS


Armenia Medical Center: Department of Neurology   Armenia Medical Center: Department of Neurology


Every patient in our department is totally investigated with all necessary laboratory analyzes and instrumental methods: EEG, ENMG, Duplex, Ultrasound, X-Ray scan, CT, CT angiography etc. 

All patients with government funding, insurance and self- funding are treated in our in-patient department, and there is an individual work with each of them, they are examined by doctors every day, and twice a week by chief of the department.
We have all necessary medications from hospital pharmacy and the prescriptions are given in time. The staff is professional and careful, doing their job with high quality.