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Cardiology Clinic

Cardiology Clinic


The first cardiology clinics with its cardio-resuscitation  unit was established in “Armenia” RMC founded by the Academician R.P. Stamboltsyan in 1970 year. The service is equipped with all the necessary contemporary equipment which gives an opportunity to provide high quality medical service.

Cardiology ClinicAbout 1600 patients enter the department every year and they get high quality medical assistance not only for cardiovascular system diseases, but also for the accompanying diseases such as  diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases,  chronic obstructive diseases of the lungs, etc…


Beginning from the date of  foundation, cardio-reanimation unit is functioning in the department where about 400 patients with acute coronary syndrome,which according to indications urgent coronary angiography and stenting is recommended, Since April 2015 Cardiology clinics having program of “ Stent For Life “Which is one Bare Metal Stent provided by the Government with diagnosed ST-elevation myocardial infarction.

Intervention unit is available since 2014 with multi-functional angiography “Siemens Artis Zee” of German production which gives an opportunity to realize angiography. High quality of bare metal stent, drug-eluting Stent, Biоresorbable Scaffold Stent/Boston scientific, Abbott, Terumo/stents according to medical indications.

It is known that the pathologies have systematic character and necessity arises in regard with treatment of patients and the cooperation of cardiovascular and cardiac surgeons which is done in “Armenia” RMC with success.


Cardiology Clinic   Cardiology Clinic   Cardiology Clinic