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Immunological Laboratory

Researches of wide spectrum are performed in the Laboratory of Immunology.  Specifically, tests of hormones, infections, reproduction, diabetic, cardiac markers, tumor markers, etc.

These tests are performed based on the latest diagnostic technologies and the best equipment which allow to detect pathogenic factors of many diseases and radically change the course of treatment.


“Armenia” Medical Center․ Immunological Laboratory   “Armenia” Medical Center․ Immunological Laboratory


The laboratory is embedded with electroluminescence research, test systems for antibody detection. COBAS E411 working with the electroluminescence method has the following advantages.

1.    High efficiency
2.    High reliability of test results
3.    Internal quality control system
4.    The system enables reduction of renewal frequency
5.    Extraordinary performance of urgent samples
6.    High speed of research performance. The system can perform approximately 85 tests in an hour
7.    Due to one-off extras for calibration the equipment has a high guarantee of point-like scratch absence


All this allows to raise the sensitivity and specification of disease diagnoses to the maximum.

“Armenia” Medical Center․ Immunological Laboratory
Today thyroid diseases are very popular. In the pathogenesis of most of these diseases the autoimmune system disorders have a significant role. This requires diagnosis of anti-thyroid antibodies. The laboratory determines the levels of anti-thyroglobulin antibodies and thyroid hormones – T3, T4, T1.


Viral hepatitis continues to be one of the urgent issues of the modern medicine. The laboratory performs quantitative diagnosis of hepatitis A, B, C antibodies.

The detection of tumor markers is important. It gives the opportunity to make diagnosis as early as possible and treat different cancer diseases efficiently. The laboratory researches the tumor markers - Prostate-specific antigen (PSA), Carcinoembryonic antigen, as well as CA-125 ovarian and CA 15-3 breast tumor markers, etc.

The laboratory performs tests of markers in diabetes (Insulin, proinsulin, C-peptide).

Sexually transmitted diseases are problematic. They can result in fetal development disorders, infertility, and abortion. The laboratory performs tests of sexually transmitted infections.

With the method of electroluminescence cardiac troponin T is tested. It allows to perform the test in a few minutes and differentiate the myocardial unstable infarction from the heart attack.