«Armenia» Medical Center
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Express Laboratory

Armenia Medical Center: Express LaboratoryExpress laboratory of ‘Armenia’ Republican Center is running since the foundation of the hospital. The main functions of the laboratory include; blood biochemical analysis, clinical analysis. Laboratory is open all day long with no day offs. Express laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and competent staff.   

Biochemical examinations are done using mindray BA-88A automatic analyzer machine, which ensures the high quality and credibility of the results. It is possible to identify glucose, urea, and creatinine in blood. If needed by using this machine it is possible to do any kind of biochemical examinations.

mindray BC-2300 analyzer is quantitative hematologic analyzer, leukocyte formula detective analyzer, and during one study is possible to  determine 19 main parameters. It gives also three histograms from blood samples, which are very important for diagnosis of disease.  

EasyLyte Caclium automatic microprocessor analyzer investigates Na+, K+, Ca2+ ions in blood as inside the serum as well as in plasma. During one minute, inside the 100-microliter serum, it is possible to receive results that are very important for patients receiving infusion therapy.  

Armenia Medical Center: Express LaboratoryAcid-based balance and gas exchange study analyzer is investigating blood acid-base balance in which following parameters are included: pH, PO2, PCO2, HCO3, ABE, SBC, SAT which quantitative study are done by three electrodes.

Aforementioned equipment are giving high credibility of results, which are important precondition for effective treatment.     

The head of Laboratory is Luba Manukyan Karapet.