«Armenia» Medical Center
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Reception: 81 03, 88 44

Clinical Laboratory

A number of examinations are done in the clinical laboratory:


  1. Common blood analysis that includes Japan Sysmex-500; 24 indexes, received by autoanalyzer, 3 histograms, ESR.

  2. Revealing of the bloodworm – malaria in the blood film and thick blood film.

  3. Common urine analysis that includes microscopic examination of glucose, acetone, bile pigment and the residual in urine. We also do urine examination by Addis count, by Nechiporenko and Zimnitsky’s test.

    “Armenia” Medical Center․ Clinical Laboratory

  4. Common sputum analysis, as well as revealing tubercle bacillus in septum.

  5. Clinical and bacteriological stool analysis (determination of helminth eggs and monocellulars in stool). 

  6. Spermogram (semen extended analysis).

  7. Examination of urethral and vaginal smear.

All the examinations are done by the specialists of high qualification.