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X-ray Department


Armenia Medical Center: X-RAY department 

The X-ray department is located on the sixth floor of the 'Armenia' RMC and is staffed by radiologists and X-ray laboratory specialists with high qualification and work experience of dozens of years. The Head of X-ray department of 'Armenia' RMC is Arshak Hovhannisyan. The department is equipped with Toshiba devices.


«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ռենտգեն բաժանմունք   «Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ռենտգեն բաժանմունք


The  X-ray Department of 'Armenia' Medical Center performs multiprofile examinations, such as radiography and luminescence.
The department provides 24 hours of appropriate care to all patients. Our services are accessible not only to Ajapnyak community, but also to all citizens of Yerevan's communities and provinces.


«Արմենիա» բժշկական կենտրոն. Ռենտգեն բաժանմունքThe X-ray Department of 'Armenia' Medical Center admits patients with various problems while showing an individual approach to each of them. The department has a possibility to conduct an X-ray examination immediately in the operation room, if needed. It also carries out home care services which mainly deal with various types of simple and complex injuries.


Each examination is unique in its kind. Gastrointestinal tract and kidney contrast examinations are long lasting and patients take time to get prepared. The department performs intraoral X-ray examination.

In addition to each patient's X-ray examination, we also perform X-ray luminescence to ensure maximum accurate diagnosis.
The main purpose of our work is to assist the doctors to make diagnosis and organize further treatment. It is not a secret that an accurate diagnosis is one of the basic guarantees of health.

The department is a training center where students and residents get specialized.
For around two centuries the results of X-ray examination support the clinicians in curing process.

Each year this field of research adopts modern approaches.

X-ray diagnosis, being the best type of examination, does not lose its grounds. The speed and accessibility of this type of examination are irreplaceable for receiving a correct diagnosis image.

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