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Department of Echocardiogram and Functional Diagnostics



The Department of functional diagnostics at “Armenia” Republican Medical Center, which operates since 2001, offers Echocardiogram service with Cardiac stress test on a treadmill. This test is done selectively and is not offered to all the patients.


  ԷխոսրտագրությունEchocardiogram is recommended when there is some doubt on cardiovascular pathology of the patient. It allows to explore the internal structure of the heart: heart chambers (shape, size), myocardial condition and cramping function (this is especially important during heart attack, it decides the exact place of the attack and allows to estimate its seriousness), valve structures (this is especially important during rheumatic, congenital and acquired diseases/malformation and for determining further tactics to cure.

The quality of the device is very important for Echocardiogram as better-developed devices are made every year while it’s preferable to use all the possibilities of diagnosis here.

The colored echocardiography device of the Diagnostic Centre of “Armenia” Republican MC is a production of “Siemens” company. It was purchased in 2012 being the best in its generation. The possibilities of this device allow diagnosing very subtle structural features.

Since its establishment the Head of the department of echocardiogram and functional diagnostics at “Armenia” Republican MC is Lilit Ramazyan, cardiologist.


Echocardiogram allows diagnosing heart valve diseases (including rheumatic and non-rheumatic malformations), congenital heart malformations, coronary artery disease, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia and other acquired heart diseases with a great accuracy.

Echocardiogram has a great role during myocardial infarction and for patient’s treatment and control. It contributes not only to the adequate treatment process but it also has a preventive role. During post-infarction period and after placing coronary artery stents the patient usually needs to go under several echocardiography examinations.

Echocardiogram is good for patients with other diseases as well, especially diabetes, arthritis, pulmonary-renal syndromes.

Cardiac stress test on a treadmill is the registration of the heart and its vessels’ work during an exercise, and its data analysis. This data is especially important for diagnosing coronary artery disease and for ensuring proper supervision after heart attack or coronary artery stents.


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