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Department of Neurophysiology

EЕG is a method of neurophysiology, which allows to record bioelectric currents from various hemi-spheres of brain. Changes in various parts of brain have specific curves. The method allows determining the functional activity of the brain and focal abnormalities. It is widely used in diagnostics and treatment, more often in еpileptology. It allows determining types of seizure and area and also deciding on the medication and dose. The EEG can diagnose dementia and somnipathy. The method is also applied in anesthesiology to pronounce brain death, especially in case of organ donation. The bioelectric currents of brains are very weak, and it is impossible to record them directly. Special equipment, multichannel electro-encephalographs allow intensifying them a few millions times and recording them. We use an 18-channelled digital electroencephalograph of ‘NBC Synafit 5800’ model, made in Japan. It includes also an analog option and a topographic mapping of brain.


Department of Neurophysiology Department of Neurophysiology


Another neurophysiologic analysis, which is also widely used in neurosurgery and neuropathy, is Echo Encephalography. This ultrasound method allows determining medium formations of the brain and their deviations in case of pathologic process in hemi-spheres of brain. We make use of a Russian-made Echo Encephalograph of ‘Echo 12’ model.