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Allergology consulting room

Allergology consulting room was established in 1972 at the Republican Hospital and is still functioning at “Armenia” RMC. The head of the consulting room is Anna Ohanyan, doctor of the highest qualification category.

Dr. A. Ohanyan has been working at the consulting room since 1974. The doctor receives out-patients, as well as provides consultations for the in-patients who are getting treatment at various departments within the hospital. The main task of the doctor is to make the correct diagnosis and treat the patient.

For this purpose a specific allergological check-up (tests) for the patients are conducted by using pollen, household, food, and epidermal allergens.

After detecting the allergen, a specific allergen immunotherapy is carried out. If any additional check-ups or laboratory test are required, all the necessary facilities are available at “Armenia” RMC.


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